Story Page

Welcome! This is the page where I'll be putting up the stories I write(or wrote) for the X-Men Briefing Room forum. This way they'll be saved here for future reading or re-reading. All these stories are written by me Margaret Sauder for your enjoyment!

Medieval Wars: The Prophecy

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:

"Trial by Fire" : This is a story about my character, ShockWave.
: Another story on my character ShockWave and my BHC friends.
"Golden Triangle": A HF story.
"Descent unto Chaos": A BHC HF story.
"Court of Shadows": Another HF story.

Other Projects

I am also currently working on a fan-fic that completely re-writes the X-Force tittle in the Marvel Universe. This is part of a project called ReGenesis that is redoing the whole Marvel Universe. The idea belonged to Bill the Hero. Unfortunately the project has been canceled, but I'm going to continue re-writing X-Force
X-Force #1
X-Force #2
X-Force #3
X-Force #4
X-Force #5
X-Force #6
X-Force #7
X-Force #8
X-Force #9
X-Force #10

Fan Fiction

Rogue's Torment: this is actually a poem, but I felt it belongs here rather than my poetry page.
Remy's Heart: a poem about Gambit and his reflections and confusions on falling in love.

Slipped Up

A time travel fan-fic starring the X-Men and X-Force's Meltdown.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

X-Force Fan-Fiction:

Cable's Room: Rictor and Meltdown get left behind and check out Cable's room.
Babysitting Blues: Sequel to Cable's Room. As punishment, Ric and Tab have to babysit the X-Babies!
Washing Day: The last story in the arc began with Cable's Room

Rage at Cable: This is a story I wrote in response to Jenifer's Challenge, where she asked us to show a member of X-Force fighting with Cable. If you want to check out Jenifer's awesome archive click here.